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If you are looking for Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi if you are on a right path. Dr.Vivek kumar is a top hair transplant surgeon in delhi before the surgery he give you good amount of consultation regarding the hair transplant surgery & answer your all question regarding Hair Transplantation.

Alopecia or baldness is caused by numerous factors such as aging, genetic predisposition, disease, lack of vitamins,tensions, pollution and drugs in the midst of other factors.It is common for a person to lose between 50 and 70 strands on a daily base. However, when the loss surpasses the average of 200 strands the one needs to consider the hair care precautions.

Dr. Vivek Kumar’s hair transplant consultation gives you an opportunity to ask questions and provides you recommendations. Our hair transplant patients come from all over the world.

During a counseling session for hair transplant we first try to understand your concerns and expectations from the surgery which is continued by an assessment of the patients scalp and the building of photographs, from which the outfitted capabilities are explained.

Hair transplantation Surgery

Hair transplantation Surgery

Hair transplantation is an outpatient cosmetic surgical procedure which is carried out under local anesthesia with mild sedation . The elimination of donor skin at the back of the head is done under local anesthesia. The donor site is closed primarily by suture. The strip of skin taken from the back of the head is subtly arranged before the onset of motion under the microscope. The aim is to obtain so called follicular units (FUE) for micro-grafts with one or two hairs and mini-grafts with three to five hairs.Thereafter, the reception area is anesthetized and the mini-and micro-grafts are inserted into the receiving channels. During hair transplantation 1200-1400 grafts can be transplanted per session and the bald area can be minimized within a couple of months.

Hair Transplant - After Surgery

Hair Transplant - After Surgery

You should allow one to two weeks’ rest and avoid heavy work outs for 2 weeks in order to prevent any allergic reactions that can be caused due to dust.Please do avoid exposure to sun

Hair Transplantation Results

A hair transplantation not only augments ones appearance but also ensures a grand self esteem .The results are generally long lasting if proper care is taken. Getting the best hair transplant done is what every person looks ahead for and we ensure great results post procedure.For more information about this we invite you to have a counselling session with our hair transplant experts.

If you are looking to get a Hair Restoration or Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi, You may visit our centers for a consultation on procedures for Hair Transplantation Surgery by our expert cosmetic surgeon. A successful hair transplant can change your life.

Best of all, our results are guaranteed!

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